5 New Features Across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram That You Need to Know About

From www.socialmediatoday.com

One of the best things about covering social media and digital marketing is that there’s always something new happening, some new update or feature being rolled-out to cover. But some of them are relatively small-scale so they’re not necessarily worthy of their own, individual post – though they are still relevant and worth knowing for anyone working in the field.

To keep you up to date on these smaller changes and features, here’s a rundown of five upcoming or “in-test mode” features that are currently being trialled on some of the major platforms – starting with Twitter, which is testing some new customer service focused options.

1. New Twitter Profile Display Options

2. Twitter Sports Broadcasting

3. Facebook Video Downloads

4. Facebook Messenger Account Switching

5. Instagram Comment Moderation

Read about them on socialmediatoday.com


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