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What Youth: Artist Series

A great series looking different creatives work and process. This embedded one covers photographer Frank Ockenfels but all worth a look.


GoPro acquires Splice and Replay to making editing more attractive

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GoPro has always been deceptively easy to shoot with and deceptively difficult to edit. While the company has made its name on providing a simple, waterproof action camera, the interface to clean up those videos was woefully unintuitive. Perhaps that will change now, as it announced the acquisition of editing apps Splice and Replay.

“Splice, Replay and GoPro will combine to deliver what we believe will be the fastest and most enjoyable mobile editing experience,” Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro, said in a press release. “We believe the accessibility, speed and efficiency of mobile will make it the predominant editing platform of the future.”

Splice is a well-known, well-loved mobile movie editing app that incorporates lot of traditional features into a smaller package. On the other hand, Replay functions a little more like a quick-and-dirty clip and montage editor, mixing stills and short videos with pre-done music and transitions.

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Lichtgestalten Installation

German interdisciplinary studio “KASUGA” were invited by brand agency KMS TEAM to develop the interactive installation “LICHTGESTALTEN” for their 30 years anniversary event at Villa Stuck in Munich. The installation gives each visitor the ability to express a specific image in a gestural dialogue of his individuality – intuitively and spontaneously.

Graphis Award winning goodness

Lichtgestalten Installation from KASUGA on Vimeo.

Nicola Yeoman’s hand-built sculptures that combine typography, set design and photography


The work of Nicola Yeoman is such a clever and seamless combination of typography, set design and photography that on first glance you would think it was computer-generated; when in actual fact, all of her sets and sculptures are hand-built….

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Virtual Reality Photo Exhibition

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Don’t have the time or money to visit a photo exhibition you’re interested in? In the future, paying a visit will be as simple as strapping a virtual reality headset to your head.

At EyeEm‘s Photo Hack Day 4 in Berlin recently, one of the apps developed was called Rooms. It’s a virtual reality Android app that lets you enjoy photos in a virtual photo exhibition, and the app gives us a taste of what may soon be commonplace in the world of art.



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