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International Photobook Festival


In week 2 (March 7-11) we have a fabulous International Photobook Festival happening at Te Papa and Massey.

photobooknz.com Under the ‘exhibition’ tab you will see an exhibition of Japanese photobooks at the Engine Room. From Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th March we have three international photobook artists doing a live performance of book making in the gallery. This may be a really great opportunity for design students to engage with some very cool contemporary book makers.

The show continues to run from 12 to 16 March



Facebook Built a 360-Degree Video Camera. Oh, and the Design Is Yours for Free

Via: Wired


Facebook has built its own 360-degree stereoscopic 3D video camera.

The company calls this new device the Facebook Surround360, and this summer, it will give away both the camera’s hardware designs and the complex software that weaves the camera’s myriad images into one complete three-dimensional landscape. Yes, it will give them away—for free.

Built from off-the-shelf hardware worth roughly $30,000, this black circular camera—with its 17 evenly spaced lenses—looks kinda like the flying droid that descends onto the ice planet at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back (though it lacks those insect-like dangly legs). Drawing images from all 17 of those lenses, it produces 360-degree spherical video for viewing both inside virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear (stereoscopic 3D) and on ordinary smartphones, tablets, and PCs (monoscopic). Similar videos are already popping up in News Feeds on the Facebook social network.

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Lichtgestalten Installation

German interdisciplinary studio “KASUGA” were invited by brand agency KMS TEAM to develop the interactive installation “LICHTGESTALTEN” for their 30 years anniversary event at Villa Stuck in Munich. The installation gives each visitor the ability to express a specific image in a gestural dialogue of his individuality – intuitively and spontaneously.

Graphis Award winning goodness

Lichtgestalten Installation from KASUGA on Vimeo.

Nicola Yeoman’s hand-built sculptures that combine typography, set design and photography

From creativeboom.com/

The work of Nicola Yeoman is such a clever and seamless combination of typography, set design and photography that on first glance you would think it was computer-generated; when in actual fact, all of her sets and sculptures are hand-built….

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