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Essay “Is technology changing storytelling?”

Do changes in technology demand a different approach in the craft of writing? Or do the best stories still come in classic form? Here’s a research insight by rodgezooi as a doubtful enthousiast, investigating the storytelling potentials of new platforms and the masterpieces of the future it will eventually lead to.

For links to the footage used in this essay check: justpaste.it/k3tb

Essay “Is technology changing storytelling?” from rodgezooi on Vimeo.


Who’s doing what on the internet in NZ?


Here is the full report of the World Internet Project NZ survey with all the stats. Some jolly useful stuff here.


In Pieces – CSS goodness


In Pieces is an interactive exhibition turned study into 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — their survivals laying literally, in pieces. Some stunning mograph and very clever coding in entirely CSS.
Each shape is being morphed, moved and toyed with by a new set of co-ordinates, and as they are maintained as triangles throughout, this means 3 points, with CSS transitions to link up the movements. No tricks or tools have been used to get the illustrated results, code-wise or graphically. Point by point, shape by shape, each one has been handcrafted via a personally-created tracing JS function after illustration.


Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Twitter Features (And Some Thoughts on Its Future)

From bufferapp.com

Over recent months, there has been a lot of debate about the future of Twitter.

Growth has halted, share prices have fallen, and some are even saying#RIPTwitter.

With all that in mind, the future of Twitter still feels extremely exciting, though. It feelslike something big is afoot. And in order to kickstart growth and get people excited again, Twitter has been rolling out a range of great new features and updates.

In this post, Ash Read gives you the lowdown on Twitter’s newest features and also shares some thoughts on where it may be heading in the future.